the art of London Bellman the art of London Bellman
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Before you ask what Cimota means, it's "Atomic" backwards. An introduction... Chances are that if you're here, you know me. But if not, my name is London Bellman and I am an artist currently living in Portland, Oregon. Aside from tattooing (and running Atomic Art Studio - my own tattoo shop), I enjoy creating the artwork featured on this site. I don't really consider it fine art, but I do consider it affordable.

So check out what I have around here. All burnings, tiles and erotic art pieces are all one-of-a-kind works. For all of the prints, I have Artist's Proofs available. If you even want to check these out in person, just head down to Atomic. I've got them in the shop. Eventually, we'll get some shirts and pins up on the site, too. So enjoy the artwork, we've set up the site so that you can purchase any of these works with a Paypal account.
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